22 July 2011

Tom Ford & Valerie Chow, 21 May 2011 [photo]

...That's a keeper! - Valerie poses with Tom Ford at a cocktail event for his recent Flagship store opening in Hong Kong, IFC Center, 21 May 2011.

Valerie's dress is, of course, from Ford's Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear collection, similarly worn by Josie Ho below.

Source: Tom Ford on WhoSay

Source: OrientalDaily

Source: Harpers Bazaar HK

22 April 2011

Valerie: The Cass Phang Connection '93-94

Only a handful of you who lived in Hong Kong will actually recall seeing this 1993 TVB music video for Cass Phang-Ling's (彭羚) "如果得不到愛情" [rough trans. "If Love Cannot Be Had"] which features an early appearance from Valerie just as her acting career began. (Valerie was of course, between late-93-4, a TVB-contracted 'artiste,' and at the time of the video, perhaps known mostly as a fresh-face on TVB Pearl). I knew from reading a 1994 interview that Valerie had been in a Cass Phang video but didn't know which one 'til recently, when it finally surfaced on youtube (A-HA!). An interesting tidbit from that interview [to be posted forthcomingly]: it was actually from seeing this video that Tony Leung Chiu-Wai personally sought her out for his Trapped By Love album cover shoot and music videos shortly after.

The video itself, sees Valerie truly in her element, exuding her usual cool, cosmopolitan sex-appeal and edge actually quite reminiscent of her role in Twentysomething. She's paired up with Joe Ma (馬德鍾), who again play a (much-maligned) couple later in the TVB series, Fate of the Clairvoyant.

Curiously enough, TVB decided to cast not Valerie, but annoyingly, a look-alike of hers' for the music video to Cass Phang's next (and better known) single, 讓我跟你走, pictured here:

And as if to make things more difficult, Valerie also technically appears in the clip-form version of 仍然是最愛你, the theme song to Fate of the Clairvoyant, which makes identifying which Cass Phang video Valerie was featured in more than 17 years after the fact a bit of pop-culture archaeology - but there you have it.

16 April 2011

ATV-era photos, 2001

At the Healing Hearts TV series premiere, Feb 2001:

ATV promotional photos (from Next Magazine, 22 Feb 2001 issue):

Healing Hearts production stills:


At HK Airport, leaving for Singapore:

Unknown photo spread + misc. events, 1995 [photos]

Valerie, styled rather unfortunately like a (ghastly) Vivian Chow back in 1995, plus a few more photos inclu. one with Sheila Chan Suk-Lan (陳淑蘭) and the Hong Kong Police force.

24 March 2011

Yummy Mummy Asia Q&A [link]

Q: What did you want to be [growing up]?
Valerie: An archeologist.
- from a short Q&A interview Valerie did for the Yummy Mummy Asia website back in Feb. http://yummymummyasia.com/daily-scoop/mama-is-my-hero.html.